Private clients

You are keen to beautify your garden? You just purchased a new home and would like to transform you exterior spaces into an additional room or simply to have it match your interior spaces? Or you may be looking to improve your existing garden, terrace, balcony ou yard? You would like a vegetable patch? Or you want many things but do not know where to start?Vous avez envie d’embellir votre jardin ?

Professional clients

As a professional, you want nature and its benefits inside your workspace, on your balconies, terraces and gardens?


Your employess want a vegetable patch and the classes to learn how to grow it? Or you are looking for a team building activity which will will focus your staff on fundamental values, relax them while getting their hands dirty, while enjoying a joyful and creative moment?


Your hotel, restaurant or shop welcomes customers everyday and you would like to add a green note to your interior or outside spaces?

Our creations

Specialized in urban spaces, I will optimize every corner to create a mini-garden and transform each garden into scenery of the four seasons. My goal is to create a space that seems perfectly natural, as if it had always existed, and grown spontaneously. 

I play with shapes and colors, diversity and creativity are the keywords. Your garden will be beautiful in every season and correspond to you wishes and maintenance means.


Inside and outside I design, build and maintain you vegetal world, up to chosing garden furniture if you wish.


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Sustainable ecosystems

Proposals and the management of the projects will always be made in the most ecological and sustainable manner possible. Reasonable watering, locally grown plants when available, allow fauna settlement to favor biodiversity, use of natural products when treatment is necessary and I will always propose the creation of a compost. My gardens are ecologically responsible.


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