Depolluting plants

A Nasa study from 1989 proved that Ivy has the capacity to absorb a large part of our interior polluters : trichlorethylene, formaldehyde, xylene. What an extraordinary plant!

Regain is a new magazine celebrating agricultural progress, the new peasant generation, the farming crafts, animal life, good food, countryside walks and chimney fires. A program which could only catch my eye. To be bought from all good press shops to spend your free time with these farmers and other dedicated men & women who

The Nankin vertical forest

Stefano Boeri has imagined two condominium towers in Nankin which will be covered with more than 2500 plants (trees and bushes). This project aims at contributing to the depollution of the air in our cities.

Chaumont in Paris

The Villette Park in Paris is being refurbished. The works have allowed for two of the winners of the renowned Garden Fesival in Chaumont to reproduce their parcels in la Villette, close to the folie belvedere. To be seen until october 2018.