Green workshops

Team building

We can also come directly to your workplace to conduct one or several workshops specially designed for you. The workshops can take place during lunch time for a fun and creative break, or at any other time depending on your constraints. Making a terrarium is a simple way to reconnect to nature by getting your hands dirty.


The herbarium takes us back to our childhood. Composed of dried flowers and leaves you will make it in a glass frame encased in brass. Combinations are unlimited and depend on the taste of each participant. We will provide a large choice of colorful flowers and leaves. The frame can be hung or simply laid down and will last indefinitely. An activity to let your imagination run free. Frame format: 16x21cm


What is a terrarium? A miniature landscape in a beautiful glass jar. Long lasting alternative to the short-lived floral arrangements, terrariums recreate a biotope. Tropical plants live in autonomy in your jar, you only need to water them twice a year! During the workshop, we give participants the keys to create their own landscape. Each of them will get their hands dirty in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. We willbe hovering around with benevolent advice but making sure each person has space for creativity and leaves our workshop happy with his or her very special terrarium.

The pros of a terrarium workshop


The workshop is the opportunity to bound employees together by federating them around a common activity.

Feeling good at work

A terrarium embellishes your office space, allows to get one’s hands dirty and to learn about plants in a relaxed atmosphere. This activity will please your employees who are often eager for some nature in town?


Gardening has the power to foster exchanges. It is certainly a mean for us to share with you our passion for urban agriculture. Your employees will leave with their masterpiece but also enriched of new knowledge about plants and how to care for them.

They have entrusted us