Nomad terrarium workshops by Ortie & Ivy

Our concept is easy, we come to you with all the necessary tools and accessories to build your own terrariums : from the apron to keep your clothes clean, to the glass jars, plants, stones, rocks and maintenance instructions.

Ortie & Ivy is the teaming of Julie and Marie.

Ortie, it’s Julie. After several years spent in the communication business, she decided to change everything and dedicate her work to plants. Both garden designers, having graduated for Ecole du Breuil, we launched the terrarium workshops to share our passion for plants and giver everyone the opportunity to enjoy a greener sustainable space, at home or at work, even in city small spaces.

During our workshops, we give participants the keys to create their own landscape. Each of them will get their hands dirty in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. We will he hovering around with benevolent advice but making sure each person has space for creativity and leaves our workshop happy with his or her very special terrarium.

Family party, team building event, birthday, bachelorette party or any other event is a good opportunity to ask us over and spend some time creating with nature’s gifts.

We can also organize workshops for children starting at 8 years old (smaller children are welcome with an accompanying adult).

For Whom?

5 to 15 persons


Paris and surroundings


Vous n’avez rien à préparer, nous avons uniquement besoin d’une table

How much?

Starting at 59 euros per person.


1,5 hour


1. Organize your group and book your slot.

2. Chose the size of your glass jar.

3Select your plants.

4Get your hands dirty.

5Leave with a big smile on your face and your beautiful terrarium.


A terrarium workshop in your company

You would like your employees to relax during their lunch break? You are looking for an activity allowing them to recharge and leave aside their stress? You would like to organize a different type of team building activity to reinforce the cohesion of your team? Our terrarium workshops are made for you!

We come directly to your workplace to conduct one or several workshops specially designed for you. The workshops can take place during lunch time for a fun and creative break, or at any other time depending on your constraints. Making a terrarium is a simple way to reconnect to nature by getting your hands dirty.

The pros of a terrarium workshop

Feeling good at work

A terrarium embellishes your office space, allows to get one’s hands dirty and to learn about plants in a relaxed atmosphere. This activity will please your employees who are often eager for some nature in town?


The workshop is the opportunity to bound employees together by federating them around a common activity.


Gardening has the power to foster exchanges. It is certainly a mean for us to share with you our passion for urban agriculture. Your employees will leaving with their masterpiece but also enriched of new knowledge about plants and how to care for them.

They have entrusted us

Our collection : Urban Parenthesis

Our terrarium collection is an homage to our favorite parks and gardens in Paris. These places where a lot of us carry fond memories. They are green parenthesis hidden in the heart of the city, where we like to linger to escape the Parisian frenzy. A ficus, a fittonia, a fern in the Paris ambient, green moss are all a part of our tropical terrariums to embellish your homes. Photos © Geoffroy Lasne

Place des Vosges

H17.5 D9.5 cm ○ 35 euros


H21 D21.5 cm ○ 65 euros


H24 D23 cm ○ 70 euros


H24 D23 cm ○ 70 euros


H25 D27.5 cm ○ 95 euros

Buttes Chaumont

H29 D29.5 cm ○ 95 euros


H29 D29.5 cm ○ 100 euros

Palais Royal

H35 D 31,5 cm ○ 125 euros


H50 D25 cm ○ 250 euros

Maintain your terrarium

Where shall I place it?


It must find its place in a light spot of your home, without being exposed to direct sun (it could burn the leaves), away from draughts, air conditioning and heat sources.


Keep an eye on condensation


Condensation should settle in quickly. It proves your terrarium is healthy and performs a good photosynthesis: the plants sweat through their leaves and the water evaporates. <this evaporation creates condensation on the edges of the glass which then drips to the bottom of the glass jar where roots can absorb it again. Careful however that your terrarium does not overly condensate, i.e. if it is hard to see through, since the plants risk to rot. In this case, leave your terrarium open 24 hours to allow evaporation of excess water. Renew as many times as necessary to obtain the right hygrometry.


Cut certain leaves


If some leaves darken or mold, cut them and extract them. Keep an eye on the leaves touching the edges of the glass. These may darken first. Don’t hesitate to cut them. After cutiing, leave your terrarium open two days to allow healing in full air.


When do I water?


Seldom! Twice a year should be enough. If your moss or soil dry out, it is time to water. But keep a light hand, a few milliliters should be enough. Better water less and progressively.