Balconies – Paris 8 – Saint Florentin

In the beautifully newly renovated Carré Concorde building, our client wished to introduce plants on three balconies. These were distributed along a welcome area, a conference room and a kitchen area. The request was for a sober and elegant external layout, with an interest in every season. A few high points punctuate a mostly low vegetation, leaving the charming view on the tin roofs of Paris fully open. To optimize the fairly limited space of these balconies and allow space for people to stand on them, we had custom-made aluminum planters made. The colors of these planters as well as of the carefully selected graphic furniture recall both the rooftops of Paris and the colors chosen by our client for the interior of its offices. We chose plants, and essentially evergreens, in the Mediterranean palette for their resistance to wind and sun. They offer shades of green and blooms in shades of purple and pink.

  • YEAR Novembre 2022
  • PARTNERS Architecte : Archimage
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