Garden- Paris 17th

House back garden. Ongoing project. Hidden from sight, nestled against a 19th century building, lies a large garden, abandoned for more than 30 years. It is only accessible from the appartment of our clients. They confide in us their dream of a scented garden, full of flowers, where their children can play hide and seek. Our mission is to fully reinvent this garden. Its main defect is to be surrounded by high walls and to host in its further side six ailanthus altissima 25 meters high. After a pruning authorised by the Town authorities, a structure appears. Walls will be covered with various climbers and will be installed bamboos in the very back of the garden. Three new trees are planted, borders are drawn in a light and colorfull athmosphere. The boxwood border was sick and got replaced by a large lawn ideal for kid’s soccer games.